Miami Mold Specialist Develops First of Its Kind, Mobile Co2 Infusion Dry Freeze Cleaning Chamber: Offers Onsite “White Glove” Content Cleaning for fine cloth and linens, leather, furniture, photos and paintings, fine art, collectibles, artifacts, relics, statues, other common household content, and much more.


Miami based indoor environmental and mold remediation company, Miami Mold Specialists, recently announced the launch of another innovative service driven technology- mobile onsite dry clean co2 deep freeze chamber.

This new to market revolutionary system offers prospective clients a convenience that has never been seen before: A sub zero co2 infusion chamber installed on a customized box truck. This allows Miami Mold Specialists the opportunity to promote and provide their latest co2 chamber service they recently launched in-house, yet with the newest mobilized system capable of traveling directly to a clients location.

The new mobilized co2 infusion chamber works by flash flooding the sealed chamber with sub zero co2 which instantly cleans, disinfects, sterilizes, and removes mold from sensitive items and materials such as- fine cloth and clothing, leather, furniture, other common household content, photos and paintings, fine art, collectibles, artifacts, relics, statues, and more.

Miami Mold Specialist pioneered this new service offering as after completing thousands of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Many clients were in need of a proverbial white glove treatment of personal items, valuables, collectibles, fine art, antiques, artifacts, relics, custom designer and leather furniture, to shipments of supply chain products that were previously considered ruined by mold and other contaminants.

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