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In South Florida, where the climate is warm and only getting hotter, the mean average temperature (AMT) in July 2017 was 85.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the highest AMT ever recorded in South Florida history. During these summer months and throughout the year, your attic is constantly receiving direct heat from the sun causing it to exceed temperatures of 150° Fahrenheit. High attic temperatures could bring about many additional problems to your home such as hurting the life of your shingles and enabling mold growth. Miami Mold Specialist has a special team that is specifically trained with the most efficient protocols to disinfect, clean, and sanitize your attic space and prevent the growth of mold from infiltrating your living area.

How Does Improper Ventilation Bring About Problems Such As Mold?

When your attic isn’t properly ventilated, the hot stagnant air inside of it mixes with the colder air and it’s brought up by your home’s cooling system creating condensation and moisture. Moisture is one of the three (3) components needed for mold to begin thriving and attics are built with cellulose rich materials that are organic proteins for mold to feed off. To prevent the growth of mold we recommend installing solar powered ventilation fans in existing foundation vent openings or in the attic access door to promote positive airflow.


Many homeowners are not aware that they have a crawlspace or rarely go inside it. A crawlspace is a hollow area found underneath the first floor of some homes. Crawlspaces are usually roughly 1, 2, to 3 feet high—just high enough for someone to enter by crawling, as its name implies. Aside from elevating your home off the ground, a crawlspace is a convenient and inconspicuous place to contain the “guts” of the house, such as its air conditioning and heater, ductwork, plumbing, and electric wiring. When moisture infiltrates your crawlspace, mold begins to thrive. Our team at Miami Mold Specialist has personally created mold remediation protocols that are specifically used to combat crawlspace mold growth.

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How Do Moisture And Condensation Form In My Crawlspace?

​When your crawlspace is improperly ventilated, moisture and humidity will form in the open area creating condensation problems. Condensation can also infiltrate your crawlspace from the dirt on the ground which is rich in moisture.

How Does Moisture In My Crawlspace Affect My Living Area?

If the “guts” of the house are in your crawlspace and they are attacked by moisture, mold will begin to form on these “guts” since they are manufactured using cellulose rich materials that allow mold to thrive. Your living area can also be compromised since the “guts” are what ventilate your home. Additionally, cracks and/or gaps in the foundation can allow easy access for moisture and condensation to travel into your living area. To prevent the growth of mold we recommend installing solar powered ventilation fans in your soffit vents to promote positive airflow.

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