Mold Contaminated Contents Cleaning


When mold assessments are performed it is a common mistake to disregard the analyzation of mold contamination throughout the “contents” of a property. The “contents” of a property are the furniture, fabrics, personal items, clothing, shoes, etc. When a property is compromised with mold growth not only can your health be negatively impacted but deterioration of your possessions can also occur.
Unfortunately, improperly assessed contents can be a source of cross-contamination to areas where considerable effort and expense has been expended to deal with mold contamination. In some cases even, when mold contaminated contents are moved from one area of the property to another cross contamination also occurs. This is an especially crucial issue if any of the occupants are sensitive to mold. During our assessment of your property, our team of technicians always make it a priority to ensure that we assess all contents to ensure all areas of contamination are noted and treated.

With our-state-of-the-art exclusive CO2 Hydrogenation technology, we utilize dry icing techniques to kill off live spores found throughout the contents. After this is completed, in order to remove any visual contamination our technicians use the AirBiotics All-Natural All Purpose Cleaning Solution that removes mold and bacteria from any and all surfaces. If contamination is too severe, Miami Mold Specialist will assist the client in finding a trusted dry-cleaning company that will professionally disinfect any compromised clothing and/or fabrics.


We at Miami Mold Specialist are proud to present our new Electrostatic Disinfecting Technology which has proven to be the most effective method in sanitizing and cleaning mold contaminated surface content with top notch precision and efficiency. Our Electrostatic Sprayers use electrostatic technology that produces the highest spray transfer efficiency possible by disinfecting a full 360 degree target area. The numerous benefits of using electrostatics when applying liquid solutions are not limited to sanitizing, disinfecting, and odor control applications.

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