NEW Naturganics Anti-Mold Sticker


Our product line is growing rapidly and we are excited to announce a new addition: the Naturganics Anti-Mold Sticker specifically crafted to be used on leather goods, shoe boxes and all sorts of porous materials. The organic and eco-friendly product will be an important part of our line because it will ensure that our clients maintain their personal belongings mold and moisture free. We are always looking for innovative ways to not only assure our service is top of the line but we also want our clients to maintain their homes in top notch shape. The Naturganics Anti-Mold Sticker can be used on handbags, shoes, articles of clothing and garments. The adhesive sticker application is as easy as 1,2,3 – all you have to do is paste it on the item and it will do its job. This product will be made available to all of our remediation clients starting on the first quarter of 2019 – follow our social media accounts for the latest updates and news.

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