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Mobile Sub-Zero CO2 Dry Freeze, Clean, Disinfect, Sterilize, Mold Removal, Pathogen and Virus Killing Chamber Tech Hits Market. Coronavirus Covid-19 Cleaning Miami & Coronavirus Disinfecting Miami Beach, Coronavirus Sanitizing Miami, Coronavirus Removal Miami, Coronavirus Remediation Miami

disinfecting-servicesMiami Mold Specialist, a premier environmental services and mold removal company always innovating with the latest technology in environmental solutions, provides a variety of comprehensive, deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting processes to ensure a healthy indoor environment in commercial and residential properties, by efficiently removing airborne contaminants and bacteria from the environment.

With evolving environmental conditions constantly sporing up new health issues, our team of specialists have been driven to develop a growing bank of innovative tools, products, and systems to tackle the hidden enemies in our surroundings and restore premium quality in the properties we treat.

The combination of specially formulated products with our exclusive antibacterial CO2 hydrogenation, Probiotic Electrostatic Disinfecting and a Complete Air Filtration Process (utilizing HEPA Vacuums, Air Scrubbers and Photocatalyctic Hydroxyl Generators) results in a non-invasive air quality restoration and a healthy indoor environment.

Our processes are non-invasive and can be fully customized to fill the needs of any residential property, commercial space, multi-family building and/or facilities included but not limited to: apartments, single family homes, museums, schools, hospitals, warehouses, offices, banks, retail stores, etc.

Our sanitizing and disinfecting processes leave no trace of harmful fumes while simultaneously discharging a mass of organic probiotic during the application of Electrostatic Disinfecting process.

Miami Mold Specialist is constantly evolving to increase the accuracy, efficiency and precision of our processes and services offered in order to ensure the premium quality of every service performed. Our multi-purpose solutions can be fine tuned with special formulations and customized processes for a range of various items and applications.

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Miami Mold Specialist’s Latest Innovation- Mobile Sub-Zero CO2 Dry Freeze, Clean, Disinfect, Sterilize, Mold Removal, Pathogen and Virus Killing Chamber!



Medical Grade Sterilization Processes for Mold, Pollutants, Toxins & Mycotoxins, Fungi, Bacteria, Pathogens, Viruses

Multi purpose Sub-zero dry freeze/dry cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization services can be fine tuned with special formulations and processes for a range of items and applications- fine linens, luxury clothing, footwear, collectibles, fine art, paintings, antiques, artifacts, relics, leather items, furniture, contaminated supply chain shipments, and more.

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Dr. Gary Rosen, Ph.D. LEED AP – Florida Licensed Mold Exam Developer/ Provider – Florida Licensed Mold Contractor – Florida Licensed Building Contractor. Click here to view certification

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New To Market, Innovative White Glove Onsite/Mobile CO2 Deep Freeze Chamber Dry Clean and Mold Removal Restoration Services-

Recently Launched by @MiamiMoldSpecialists- gently cleans, disinfects, kills, and removes mold, bacteria, viruses, contaminants, etc.

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