NEW Anti Fungal Aerosol Mold Prevention


NEW Advanced Anti-Fungal Mold Eliminator, Mold Inhibitor, Mold Prevention Aerosol Solution by Miami Mold Specialist

Miami Mold Specialist’s new line of aerosol based mold removal and mold prevention products offer the latest bio-technological advancements to safely and effectively eliminate toxic mold, prevent mold growth, inhibit future potential mold and mildew outbreaks, and mitigates the musty odor smell typically associated with poor ventilation, mildew, and mold growth.

Fungal growth in indoor environments has become a common air quality problem for many home and business owners. The growth of mold can be so severe that it can affect any type of surfaces from walls and ceilings to your pets and your furniture.

Our team at Miami Mold Specialist has specifically selected the latest and greatest compounds in the market to ensure fast, efficient, and long lasting mold protection. During our mold remediation process anti-fungal coatings will be utilized throughout the entire project where applicable- poorly ventilated areas, areas where excess moisture and/or humidity is present, attics, crawlspaces, walls, vents, duct work, mechanical rooms, HVAC systems, in boats, yachts, and ships, etc.

Miami Mold Specialists Other Exclusive Indoor Environmental and Mold Prevention Solutions and Systems-

  • HVAC Coil/Evaporator Self Cleaning Solution
  • Aseptic+
  • Airbiotics
  • Anti-Fungal coatings for large projects and commercial sites.

Plus, Miami Mold Specialist offers a wide range of other solutions for specific mold removal and mold prevention circumstances, applications, and projects for mold removal, mold prevention, disinfecting, odor removal, static removal, solar powered attic and soffit fans.

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