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Miami Mold Specialist specializes in finding the source of mold growth so that once remediation is performed the mold does not return, since the source of damage has been addressed. In order to grow, mold requires humidity, water damage and a protein to flourish. As the technicians at Miami Mold Specialist understand the nature of mold growth, we therefore have a deep understanding of the reversal process as well, in order to insure our Mold Remediation Service Guarantee. All of our trucks are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi integrated state-of-the-art technology. After over two decades of excellence in performing mold assessments, Miami Mold Specialist formulated the most accurate on site assessment in the industry to provide precision and assurance in finding the source and severity of mold growth present in a given property, as follows:

1. Miami Mold Specialist sends down two certified technicians, as well as an environmental analyst to perform a full mold assessment of your premises. They start by collecting pertinent information from you in regards to any water damage and/or condensation buildup you may have had in the past, the length of time and reason you suspect you have a mold problem as well as any possible health symptoms you have been experiencing. This will provide them with a brief insight as to the cause of your concern.

2. Our technicians then perform a visual assessment by doing a walkthrough to determine possible areas of suspect growth. Infrared Thermography Images are taken throughout, to ascertain possible indications of water damage and/or condensation, the source of any moisture intrusions as well as any construction defects possibly causing or attributing to your mold issue.

3. The technicians will then use an LED Fiber Optic Snake Camera in the vent system(s), attic, as well as behind cabinets and crawlspace(s) if applicable, to verify the presence of possible mold growth throughout. Digital Moisture Meters as well as Imaging Moisture Meters will be used to verify moisture levels present within wall(s) in areas of suspect mold growth and/or water damage/condensation.

4. Tests will also be taken Digital Air Particle Counters, showing immediate results, which will be conveyed to you upon completion of your mold assessment as well as in your Mold Inspection Report.

5. The newest technology in inspection gear: Laser Thermometers, will be used in identifying hot and cold spots that could be contributing to elevated humidity levels and/or mold growth within your property. By just pointing the laser at a specific area of your property, we will be able to detect these spots and document them accordingly.

6. A Digital Airflow Meter will be used to measure the airflow from the central A/C unit and vent systems to verify possible clogging of the central A/C unit coils that could be providing conditions conducive to mold growth and/or cross contamination. Clogged coils are usually a sign of contamination and improper ventilation in your property.

7. On-Site Lighthouse Indoor Particle Counters with printout results that can test the air quality of your property on site. In the event that elevated air particle levels are found this means that your air quality has been compromised and is more than likely contaminated.

8. A Digital Psychrometer will be used within the premises to measure humidity levels and insure that they are within acceptable ranges to prevent future mold growth. An LED UV Flashlight will also be used to locate visual evidence of mold growth on walls, ceilings, floors, clothing, etc. The LED UV flashlight can also be used as a means of detecting leaks in your property.

9. A Hydrosensor will be used throughout different surfaces in the property to determine if there is moisture present in the given area. The moisture mapping technology is crucial in locating water damages and areas with elevated moisture that could be contributing to the growth of mold in your property.

​10. Our ATP and H2O Testers will be used as per the request of the client when any plumbing water damages have been reported and/or found. Our testers include an ATP Hygiena Luminometer, TDS tester (Total Dissolved Solids) and a pH tester (potential hydrogen). These devices can easily allow us to test your drinking water for chemicals and pollutants that may be found in it. Additional surface and water tests are also available.

11. As previously mentioned, our WiFi integrated technology allows us to receive inspection information and photographs in real time; ensuring that within 1-2 business days you will receive your full detailed Mold Inspection Report. Your report will contain all infrared and digital images taken during the mold inspection, along with a full explanation of all images. Your report will also elaborate on the technicians’ general findings and recommendations, explaining the severity of mold growth in your property as well as the remediation process necessary to remove the mold and any steps necessary to prevent the mold from reoccurring.

12. Once the report is sent to you, a representative from our office administration will contact you to review your report, clarifying the results of your mold inspection and providing recommendations on how you should proceed and will follow up with you as you see fit. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive Mold Inspection Report available in the industry. Top quality is our specialty, as your personal objectives remain the foreground in establishing successful remediation or reparative action that’s right for you.

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Each crew at Miami Mold Specialist is fully equipped with WiFi integrated equipment in order to provide real time updates and results to the office staff. All of our technicians utilize either a body camera or camera integrated glasses which film the entire assessment and/or treatment from start to finish in order to record data and ensure accuracy and quality. At the same time, there is always a state certified environmentalist overlooking the job site from our office. After the service is completed, the footage will be reviewed by the on-site manager to verify that all findings were correctly documented in the report and to prevent loss of important information. This technology is a key factor in our promise of 100% customer satisfaction and its software is exclusively designed for our franchise.

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