EXCLUSIVE Fungal Coating


Fungal growth in indoor environments has become a common air quality problem for many home and business owners. The growth of mold can be so severe that it can affect any type of surfaces from walls and ceilings to your pets and your furniture. Even so, mold exposure can affect your health and bring about a plethora of negative health symptoms such as allergies and asthma. By utilizing our state-of-the-art high precision paint sprayers to apply our near zero VOC anti-fungal paints, we ensure that your property and your health is safe. Our team at Miami Mold Specialist has specifically selected the highest rated paint sprayers in the market to ensure efficiency. During our mold remediation process antifungal coating will be used throughout walls, vents and ductwork.


Traditional paints and coatings are known to be vulnerable to mold contamination due to the presence of common organic components that act as cellulosic thickeners, surfactants and defoamers, and which can also serve as a source of food for fungus cells. Some of these components are casein, acrylic, polyvinyl and other carbon polymers. Fungi can also discolor and reduce the viscosity of the paint, and produce foul odors. Both in-can preservation of paints and protection of the end use paint films, and the surfaces they cover, from mold, mildew and yeasts is necessary. By using Nippon Paint Odor-less All-in-1 we ensure that the above-mentioned scenarios cease to occur.

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