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In South Florida where temperatures are high and humidity levels follow suit it is sometimes difficult to keep your car mold-free. With major flood zones in areas below sea levels it is common for vehicles to generate mold contamination when water damaged. Even so, with minimal to no water damage mold growth can still occur if vehicles are left unused for long periods of time. Our new Vehicle Remediation Division has been specifically trained to take care of your vehicle’s mold problem no matter what type of vehicle it is. By performing a preliminary inspection our technicians will let you know how severe the contamination is and if it can be remedied. Mold Remediation performed on vehicles will incur fees between $750-$1,500. The vehicle owner should provide us with an air filter upon acceptance of mold remediation terms in order to be replaced during remediation process. Give us a call today to find out more information about this service.


  • Car detailing: Mold growth will occur if your car is not dried properly after cleaning and detailing. Making things worse is if you limit air exchange by closing windows and doors and leave the car in a warm environment. In these cases, mold has everything it needs in order to thrive—moisture, a source of food and the right temperature—and you should expect to see visible growth within as little as 24 to 48 hours.
  • Car flooding: A car flood can occur if, for example, you accidentally leave your car window open during heavy rainfall or if your sunroof is not properly sealed. In these cases, your car interior can incur severe water damage, which may not be possible to dry and restore.
  • Cross-contamination: Plants, wood, pets and moldy objects can all carry mold spores, which have the ability to spread to and contaminate other materials they come into contact with. So if you’re transporting moldy materials in your car, chances are you’ll leave some mold spores behind. That’s why you should make sure to clean your car afterwards or, better yet, cover it up with plastic sheets if you know you’ll be transporting moldy goods.
  • Air conditioners: Turning on your car’s air conditioning system and getting ambushed with the stench of wet dog is not a pleasant experience to say the least. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this is an everyday occurrence. In fact, air conditioners are one of the most common sources of mold and, thus, musty odors in cars.


  1. Wipe down all leather with AirBiotics
  2. With the windows closed, thermal fog the vehicle for approximately 15 seconds with the A/C running in the mode where it recycles the same air and no fresh airflow comes in. Do this until you don’t see any more smoke in the car. Let the A/C run for 4 minutes each time and repeat this step 3 times.
  3. Open the hood of the car while the car is running, change the A/C mode in the car, that the fresh air flow is coming in from the outside, and thermal fog inside the hood so the suction from the A/C will go right through the filters.
  4. CO2 Hydrogenation process should be performed within the vehicle.
  5. Vehicle owner should provide with a new filter to be changed during the process.
  6. Ozone machine should also be used to clear the air of contaminants.
  7. If it’s a luxury vehicle, Electrostatic Disinfecting should be performed on the leather as well (For mold remediations of $1,500).

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