Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection


Property buyers are advised to invest in not only a home inspection but also a mold inspection before purchasing a home, particularly if there is any indication that there are potential moisture problems and/or water damages. For South Florida residents, a real estate mold inspection is simple when you choose a reputable and experienced company. At Miami Mold Specialist, we are here to provide you with an honest, unbiased, and thorough inspection of your property backed by years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Why Should You Have a Property Inspected Before Buying?

Purchasing a property is a big investment. A mold inspection will give you peace of mind and can save you future expenses

Here are three reasons as to why a mold inspection is highly recommended prior to purchasing a property:

Mold Remediation Costs

– One of the main reasons you should have your property inspected prior to purchasing is because of the simple fact that mold remediation costs can be incurred unto you even if it was the seller’s problem. The longer mold is left untreated the more damage it can cause to the foundation of the home, your furniture, personal items and even your family’s health.

Disclosure Issues

– In some cases, there will be some real estate agents that claim that there are no mold problems in the property simply because they aren’t aware and the information was not disclosed by the seller. Since there is no mandatory disclosure agreement, some sellers hide, cover up, and ignore mold problems and sell their property without informing the buyer.

General Home Inspectors Aren’t Experts

– A regular home inspector does not have the training nor equipment to successfully locate any mold problem a property may have. While they will be able to tell you if the property’s electrical is in good standing they will not be able to detect hidden mold which is very common. Because of this, it’s critical that you should have a professional mold assessor inspect your property to provide you with the most accurate results.

Why Hire Our Professionals For Your Inspection Needs?

As a professional and licensed company with over 20 years of experience, we know that results can be misinterpreted and some companies may be dishonest. Our top priorities are efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction so we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services.

Home Inspectors are not properly trained to conduct a mold inspection and do not have the expertise required to identify potential mold problems. When our technicians inspect your property, we perform a thorough assessment of the entire property to ensure accuracy and in order to locate any and all elevated moisture levels. We will provide you with a detailed report that breaks down the issue in terms that are specific and easy to understand.
Molds can be destructive to a property, and it is important that you have professionals evaluate the situation and provide you with helpful guidance and advice on your next move.
Before investing, be sure it is mold free! Call us at (305) 763-8070 and schedule an appointment for expert South Florida real estate mold solutions today!

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