Miami Mold Specialist’s Cross Contamination Protocols

We at Miami Mold Specialists take great pride and care in every project we complete. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of protocols, systems, official reporting software, new technologies, and new proprietary products based on our three decades worth of environmental services experience. As such, one of the biggest issues we noticed with laws and regulations with in the industry, was that there was a lack of even the very basic of cross contamination guidelines and protocols. So we decided years ago to take the bull by the horns, and start integrating our own internal cross contamination protocols as official company policy. This is one of the most important protocols we employ, mitigating cross contamination when we finish a project.

The ultimate goal is to basically leave a project clean and pristine, without dragging along any unwanted “straggler” mold spores or other contaminants to the next project or office. This is also one of the main reasons why we have numerous vehicles in our mold removal divisions fleet.

Some of the anti cross contamination protocols, systems, and equipment we employ-

anti-fungal shoes
  • – specially formulated anti fungal disinfectant socks and shoes.
  • – disposable / washable clean suits
  • – clean disposable shoe and boot cover
  • – multiple anti fungal and disinfectant cleaning solutions used to completely clean recently used equipment.
  • – complete daily scrub downs of fleet vehicles.

So whats the big deal with cross contamination?

Cross contamination is one of the industry’s dirty secrets. As an example, say a local mold removal company comes in to remove mold from your home. The mold remediation contractor comes in, sets up, and seals rooms off to be treated. Unfortunately, this mold removal company does not employ cross contamination protocols, and has not cleaned their equipment for over a month. Now you have potentially a whole collection of different types of mold spores flying through your house as the contractor, thier team, and equipment are covered in a wide variety of mold spores, contaminants, and particulates.

Now do you understand the importance of implementing anti-cross contamination protocols?

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