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How To Prep Your Yacht or Boat for Winter Storage


With Old Man Winter creeping up on us South Floridians, many avid boaters, yacht owners, and ship operators are getting ready to prepare to store their boat or yacht. In South Florida, we do not experience the harsh winters like up in the Northern states, but we do experience drops in temperatures, which in turn, leads to less people being out on the water. As such, many watercraft, boat, yacht, and ship owners take their vessels to either a dry-dock, an outside storage facility, or an inside boat or yacht storage facility.

Regardless of where or how you store your boat, yacht, or ship for the winter or off-season, most will end up having to deal with a potential toxic mold infestation come Spring.

As we at Miami Mold Specialists enjoy our time out on the water, we to have to deal with our own personal maintenance, preparations, and storage of our vessels if we choose to store them for the winter. Additionally, we have a dedicated company division that is solely focused on maritime projects for boats, yachts, ships, and other types of vessels. This translates into our personal and professional experiences being utilized on every boat, yacht, or ship mold removal project we work on.

Miami Mold Specialists has taken the liberty of laying out a short list of general maintenance reminders, boat and yacht storage prep tips, and what you can do to prevent mold from growing on your boat, yacht, or ship while in winter storage.


Boat, Ship, Yacht Storage Preparation Tips

Wash, Disinfect, Sterilize, Wax, and Polish- It is highly recommended to completely clean the inside and outside of your vessel. After a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, you should polish/seal all metal and wax the boat or yacht.

Dry Out Your Vessel- After you have completely cleaned your vessel the next step is to completely dry out the vessel to prevent mold growth during storage. Make sure to also empty all water tanks, lines, and in some cases you could also run antifreeze through water lines.

Find and Seal Leaks,Cracks, and Entry Points- Make sure to seal up all holes, leaks, cracks, and exhaust openings. In some cases, it is advisable to NOT seal up built in vents as these will help with creating a stream of fresh air while reducing condensation in storage, especially if you have a boat or yacht cover.

High Quality Boat / Yacht Cover- A good boat or yacht cover will help by keeping the elements and critters out of your boat or yacht while in storage. If there are no built in vents in your vessel, make sure you use a cover that has ventilation ports to reduce condensation from drastic temperature shifts.

Ventilation and Air Movement- Keep the air moving during storage with built in vents, using fans, using a cover with vents, or by utilizing solar powered fans

Moisture and Dehumidifier Packets- Use moisture absorbing packets, hangars, and tubs to reduce the amount of excess moisture and condensation while the vessel is in storage.

Remove All Items- Make sure to remove all valuables, electronics, furniture, fabric and cloth items, and any other important items that may get broken or ruined while your boat or yacht is in storage.

Other General Maintenance Tips-

  • Change Your Oil
  • Flush and Fill Coolant System
  • Fill Gas Tank Completely
  • Grease All Grease Fittings
  • Disconnect/Remove the Battery
  • Take Off Drive Belts

Where Should I Store My Boat?

Outdoor Boat and Yacht Storage- From your backyard to a large empty lot that rents spaces for boats and yachts. Not the safest option, but most certainly the cheapest.

Outdoor Dry Dock or Stack Rack Boat and Yacht Storage- Another common boat or yacht storage option. Not protected from the elements in most cases, but are common place at or close to marina’s.

Indoor Boat Storage Units- An excellent option for people or businesses that own boats and yachts that are smaller in size. This option will protect your vessel from the elements and offer better protection against condensation and mold.

Indoor Boat Storage Facilities- One of the best options when it comes to all around storage, maintenance, and ancillary services. Typically climate controlled warehouses that offer the larger and more expensive vessels out on the water an indoor boat or yacht storage option.

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