Miami Mold Specialists, a Premier Indoor Environmental Service and Mold Removal Company, Announces New Onsite Sub Zero CO2 Dry Freeze System for Deep Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sterilization, Decontamination, and Mold Removal.

co2 chamber kills corona virus

For the last thirty years, the experts at Miami Mold Specialists have provided over 200,000+ consultations and mold remediation services for homes, businesses, marine vessels, and facilities across the East Coast of the United States. With evolving environmental conditions constantly sporing up new diseases, this team of multi-disciplinary indoor environmental specialists have been driven to develop a growing bank of innovative tools, products, and systems to tackle the hidden killers in our surroundings and restore environmental sustainability.

The undeniable reality is that bacteria, viruses, molds, mycotoxins, and fungi live all around us, even within us. When unchecked for too long they often become the inconspicuous spawns of invasive airborne diseases—from aspergillius-induced ABPA, psoriasis and eczema, to respiratory problems, and digestive tract infections caused by micro-fungi. Even more devastating is that despite their necessity, comprehensive solutions for tackling these threats remain scarce; and when they do exist, they are too challenging to be effectively implemented.

The unwavering genuine concerns of the team at Miami Mold Specialist have turned this globally-shared distress into a primary duty for the team to resolve; thus leading them to the origination of an across-the-board, clinically tested, eco-friendly (even eco-boosting), bacteria-killing system equipped to decimate any microorganism, micro-toxin or spore put through its methodical multi-layered process.

Ingeniously created through the collaborative efforts of the founder of Miami Mold Specialists, Marty Katz and certified environmentalist Dr. Gary Rozen, the labeled ‘CO2 Deep Freeze Chamber’ is more powerful, innovative, and environmentally promoting than any instrument of its kind. In the long run, it is sure to revolutionize the way people think and act in regards to environmental responsiveness and hygiene; in the short run, there is not a single item in the market today more essential to the immediate well-being of the global situation than this compact mobilized system.

Non-invasive enough to safely sterilize the most luxurious cashmere, this multiplex system has been recognized as one of the only systems powerful enough to freeze blast the world’s latest virus. In fact, last month alone, a shipment of 12 mobile chambers have been sent out to a frenzied China in dire need of a rapid solution.

In an interview which recently followed up on the project, Katz stated the following, “With our current global situation as an example- it is not only the travel of people now, but also the travel of goods. With some viruses capable of remaining active for up to three or more days, so will rise the potential of infected shipments of products and goods being handled by millions of people every day. Verified systems like our Co2 chamber just so happens to be the perfect solution for situations like this. We already have used our revolutionary system for decontaminating shipments.” Katz is painting a bigger picture to the precision-power of these machines as they have been perfectly designed to tackle nearly any object at almost any level of delicacy that’s been potentially infected with harmful matter.

Operating at arctic Sub-Zero levels that sends shock waves of medical-grade sterilization, the technology’s utility ranges from standardized hospital sterilization to the high-level defensive force against infectious diseases such as SARS, MERS, anthrax, and a myriad of other biological pathogens and viruses. Yet, this is not its greatest achievement.

These resourceful powerhouses wholeheartedly fulfill Miami Mold Specialists’s promise of environmental integrity in a critical way. Not only are they completely solar-powered machines that leave no traces of harmful fumes in lingering air particles, they also discharge a mass of organic probiotics used during the CO2 process. These probiotics are filtered out of the truck at the end of every cycle and are in turn absorbed back into the earth, infusing its surrounding air and terrain with environmentally-enriching compounds.

All-in-all, these Deep Freeze Chambers are single-handedly transforming the worldwide approach to aseptic technologies and the international stage’s ability to rapidly respond to lethal situations caused by dangerous ecosystems. With no time to waste given the international climate, Dr. Rosen and Mr. M. Katz are on a relentless mission to put a halt to the invasion of harmful life forms, and this is only the beginning. They are continuously working alongside a group of scientists and engineers from some of the world’s most developed labs in order to increase the accuracy, efficacy, and precision of this ever-evolving technological development which has now entered the global market.

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