Miami Mold Specialists Arsenal of State of the Art Indoor Environmental Inspection And Remediation Technology, Equipment, and Systems.

Find out about some of the systems, equipment, and products Miami Mold Specialists utilizes while conducting their signature assessment and remediation processes.

Assessment and Inspections-

State of the Art Infrared Drone Technology-

we are proud to announce that we are the only company in South Florida with the latest Aerial Thermal Imaging Technology used to locate post-hurricane season damage such as roof leaks that can contribute to moisture intrusion and enable mold growth in your property. This technology is used by first responders and fire fighters to get a “bigger picture” of what’s going on in properties. With a drone license certified operator in each of our crews, we are able to easily locate any hard to see damage!


– Advanced Imaging and Infrared Robotics Systems-

This robot, which is equipped with a camera, is easily maneuvered to inspect hard to reach areas such as crawlspaces, roofs, rafters and attics. All results are documented with a special reporting software that makes inspecting these key areas extremely easy!


-UV Inspection Systems-

the new UV LED Light Technology to our group of devices, we facilitate the search of mold throughout your property. The UV technology is able to locate mold growth on any surface. When the UV LED Light is flashed on a specific surface, if mold is found the area will a turn bright fluorescent white.


-Moisture sensors and the Hydrosensor-

The Dri-Eaz HydroSensor II Collapsible Moisture Probe detects moisture and determines the extent of water migration from its original source. Primarily used to map the presence of water in carpets and padding, this moisture probe is also designed for moisture detection in walls, ceilings, floors, insulation, attics and furniture.

flir-infrared inspections

-Handheld infrared imaging devices-

FLIR technology based infrared imaging devices for moisture, humidity, temperature, and water leak detection.

air particle counters

-Air particle counters-

Miami Mold Specialist utilizes indoor air particle counters to assess the air quality in your property without having to send samples to a laboratory.


-Indoor air quality monitors and Air pollution readers.

This device accurately assesses multiple measures of air quality including concentrations of formaldehyde (HCHO), total natural & synthetic volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and fine particulate dust matter measuring <2.5 microns in size (PM2.5)


– Digital Anemometers & Air flow meters-

Our Digital Anemometers, measure air velocity and are used for HVAC applications to determine air flow within ducts and vents. In addition to air velocity, our Digital Anemometers measure air pressure, air flow volume, air temperature, humidity, light, and other properties.

body cameras

-Body Cameras –

Each crew at Miami Mold Specialist is fully equipped with WiFi integrated equipment in order to provide real time updates and results to the office staff.

All of our technicians utilize either a body camera or camera integrated glasses which film the entire assessment and/or treatment from start to finish in order to record data and ensure accuracy and quality.


-Real Time Monitoring-

We at Miami Mold Specialist are proud to present our new real-time service update system which allows our crews to provide our clients with updates while servicing their property. This client friendly cloud based and WiFi integrated system is the latest technology acquired by our company to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

safety gear

– PPG- Safety First!

Our technicians with the Constant Flow Supplied Air Mask, we are enabling them to work in comfortable conditions to ensure that they are performing at their highest potential. The respirator is used in areas such as attics, crawlspaces and containment areas with limited ventilation.

Testing and Clearance-


– Mobile Lab Testing System-



-Air Particle Collection and Testing Units –

Aerosol particle counter works on the principal of either light scattering or light blocking. An aerosol stream is drawn through a chamber with a light source (either Laser Based Light or White Light). When a particle is illuminated by this light beam, it is redirected or absorbed.


– Multi Sample Testing Systems –

Air sampling and physical sampling services.

These samples are tested by the Miami Mold Specialists team and can also be sent off to a 3rd party lab for in depth analysis.

new-radon-testing services

-Radon Testing and Monitoring services-

offering high tech radon testing, detection, and radon mitigation services. With our Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation Monitors, we can test your air quality during inspection to see if there’s any concern.

h2o-testing services

Water Testing Systems-

Our pH Water Tester is an exclusive service that we offer our clients when they suffer water damage from a broken pipe and/or leak. When plumbing problems occur in a household the water could be easily contaminated. When this occurs bacteria and other contaminants can infiltrate your drinking water and bring about a variety of health symptoms.

Disinfecting, Removal and Remediation-

co2 hydrogenation services

Co2 hydrogenation systems-



-Attic Vector Fogging Systems –

Introducing the new VectorFog C150 ULV COLD Fogger now being utilized at all of our mold remediation service sites. The cold fogger is a compact fogging device that’s used to quickly and effectively apply cleaning solutions to rid your property’s air of airborne contaminants.


Cold Jet Dry Icing Systems-

The Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasters use non-traditional methods to increase productivity and access into hard to reach areas. For instance, for wooden surfaces contaminated with mold, traditional methods which involve sanding and scraping are very time consuming and do not guarantee complete removal of the mold; with Cold Jet, this is done in a significantly lesser amount of time while using IAQA standards.


– High powered HEPA Air Scrubbing & Filtration Systems- As part of all of our remediation protocols, we utilize air scrubbers and HEPA filters to help restore air quality and remove airborne contaminants. An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses and/or chemicals from the air within a given area.


-State of the Art Electrostatic Disinfecting Systems- We at Miami Mold Specialist are proud to present our new Electrostatic Disinfecting Technology which has proven to be the most effective method in sanitizing and cleaning mold contaminated surface content with top notch precision and efficiency. Our Electrostatic Sprayers use electrostatic technology that produces the highest spray transfer efficiency possible by disinfecting a full 360 degree target area.


– Anti fungal cleaning and application systems-

Our state-of-the-art high precision paint sprayers to apply our near zero VOC anti-fungal paints, we ensure that your property and your health is safe. Our team at Miami Mold Specialist has specifically selected the highest rated paint sprayers in the market to ensure efficiency. During our mold remediation process antifungal coating will be used throughout walls, vents and ductwork.


-Hydroxyl generators-

The Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer uses ultrasonic technology to produce a very fine cold water vapor. The Maximizer is placed right behind a Titan Hydroxyl Generator and will increase the direct intake of humidity which increases the Hydroxyl production. The Maximizer will make the Titan Hydroxyl Generator perform as if it it’s on steroids!


ULV Particle Fogging Systems- State-of-the-art ULV Particle Foggers which combats even the smallest of particles found in hard to reach areas such as: central A/C units, vents, attics and crawlspaces.

Prevention and Monitoring


-Organic products- Introducing our new fully organic product line specifically crafted for our Signature Mold Remediation Process. As South Florida’s #1 in Environmental Consulting and Mold Remediation we pride ourselves in being the only mold service company offering our clients with a fully organic and bio-degradable remediation package to ensure that no toxins or VOCs are released into the air.


– Aerosol based Anti fungal Coatings-

Advanced Anti-Fungal Mold Eliminator, Mold Inhibitor, Mold Prevention Aerosol Solution by Miami Mold Specialist. A new line of aerosol based mold removal and mold prevention products offer the latest bio-technological advancements to safely and effectively eliminate toxic mold, and prevent mold growth .


-Solar Powered Attic/Soffit Fans-

Solar Airflow attic fans use the sun and the natural process of thermal stratification, which is the layering of rising air, from cool at the bottom to hot at the top, to cool the lower attic and living area ceiling below it.

Instead of conventional single exhaust fans near the top of the attic, Solar Airflow’s fans use multiple, spaced supply fans to push cool, dry air from under the shaded roof overhangs, into the attic and across the top of the ceiling insulation, then toward the center of the ceiling, creating a cool, dry layer between the ceiling and the hot attic air above it. –

hygenia-real-time water monitoring

-Water Monitoring and Management Systems-

CONSISTENT, REAL TIME SAMPLING RESULTS!ATP is universally known as the energy molecule. ATP is found in and around all living cells and gives a direct measure of biological concentration and health. ATP is quantified by measuring the light produced through its reaction with the luciferase enzyme using a luminometer. The amount of light produced is equal to the amount of living organisms present in the sample.


Solar powered water purification systems- The system uses 100% solar powered energy. With the best quality NSF approved filters and the high intensity UV lamp, all the sediments as well as chlorine, lead, foul taste, and almost all of microorganisms and pathogens can be removed. The system, which draws about 5 amps of power, can produce nearly 170 gallons of safe and clean drinking water per hour.

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